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Loyle Carner has linked up with Levi’s to discover a new wave of musical talent out of Liverpool.

In partnership with the brand, Loyle has set up a fully equipped studio at the Liverpool Lighthouse community center, where he’ll help students hone their craft in the lead up to a performance at Liverpool’s Sound City festival, where all the young artists involved will showcase their skills in May this year.

VERSUS caught up with Loyle at the Lighthouse community center to find out more about his role in the scheme, his deep-rooted affinity with the city and football club and find out some more about his upcoming album, ‘Not Waving, But Drowning’. Read some of the key takeaways from the interview below. 

On getting involved with the project: "There was no space for me to make music when I was younger, so I had to rely on using my friends spaces that they freed up for me. So it made sense for me to do something that opened up doorways for kids who might not have it now – especially in a place like Liverpool which is my second home."

On giving back to Liverpool: "There’s a real feeling of acceptance and community here. From the darkness of the past, Liverpool is definitely a place which has pushed to be all-encompassing and all-accepting. It’s the capital for acceptance, in my opinion anyway."

On his favourite players: "I used to love Sami Hyypiä. He was such a cool guy as well as being a great player. Cristiano Ronaldo was obviously phenomenal too. I’m one of the guys that thinks he’s better than Messi… which is controversial, but it’s because he’s done his thing in different leagues."

On his new album, 'Not Waving, But Drowning': "I’ve actually had to move out and grow up. My first album was recorded when I was 19-21 which was cool, but that was a snapshot of then. The new work is a snapshot of 21-24. I’ve fallen in love. I’ve done other things. I’ve become way more optimistic as a result."

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