According to police, some yahoo visting Madame Tussauds in New York this past weekend shoved a wax doppelganger of Diddy, which subsequently caused the figure's head to pop off.

This decpitation happened on Saturday night and, as of Monday, police are yet to locate the suspect. While this sounds relatively innocuous it actually caused about $300,000 in damages, New York Post reports.

As for how the event went down? Well, it was very simple actually.

Police say that a man entered the museum around 9 p.m. and deliberately located and knocked the statue to the ground, causing the head to fall off. NBC New York reports the NYPD as saying that the man also yelled at the Diddy figure and stomped on its head. The statues are not roped off (not that a rope would stop such a vandal anyway) so people can interact with the sculptures. The person then bailed from the scene before anyone could figure out what had happened.

That said, since wax figures are what the museum is known for, it would make sense to re-attach wax Diddy's head to his wax body as quickly as possible, which is what artists will do according to the museum's reps.

The Diddy statue has been with the museum since it was unveiled in 2009. After it's fixed it will once again be located in the "A-List Party Room."