Up until today, UZUAZO's Spotify catalogue was limited to just two singles. Now the Montreal-based artist is feeding fans with nine new tracks in the form of a fairytale-inspired project called King of Distractions. Pulling from themes out of the classic children's tale, The Princess and the Pea, UZUAZO delivers a focused tape full of introspective bangers and dizzying flows. Fully produced, recorded, and written by the 22-year-old talent the full-length comes packed with a standout feature from Chicago lyricist Mick Jenkins.

Speaking to Complex CA via email, UZUAZO spoke candidly about the meaning behind his new effort. "King of Distractions is a personal contemplation about using distractions as a coping mechanism for underlying problems and eventually striving to face the roots of these problems instead of relying on distractions."

As far as the recording process goes, UZUAZO surprisingly revealed that it came together all fairly recently. "The bulk of the album was done in the fourth quarter of 2018 and early 2019. When I figured out the album concept, I just started making beats, writing and building the idea song by song until it felt complete. It’s a special project to me because of its creation process and the experiences it captures. It’s also probably the most personal music I've released."

You can listen to the project in full below via Spotify.