Adjusting your own expectation vs. reality once you reach adulthood is truly one of the biggest comedowns in life. Chances are, you're probably not going to live out every one of your wildest teenage fantasies, and that can hurt. 

Ahead of the release of their upcoming Yikes EP (due Feb. 28), indie four-piece Younger Hunger seem to be acutely aware of this sensation and they've managed to distill it into just over four minutes of angsty, shoegaze-infused power. Fortunately for us, "Summer Bummer" sounds better than any existential crisis should sound and, by all accounts, if you're a fan of this one then the other two tracks on the EP should definitely appeal too.

Frontman Tony Davia explains: "'Summer Bummer' is just about growing up and realising you're just a shitty twenty-something who thinks they're more important than they really are."