Last year, Positiva Records, the label founded by Nick Halkes, celebrated 25 years in the game with a string of special releases and events — but the party's not over yet. Today, they're continuing festivities with a remix from Mella Dee of one of the label's biggest classics: "Lola's Theme" by English-Swedish house duo The Shapeshifters.

Even if you didn't know the title of the original, the instantly recognisable melody and refrain are both unshakeable earworms. Mella Dee's version, however, frames the track in a completely different light, transforming it into something almost unrecognisable. The "pop" element of The Shapeshifters' dance-pop sound has been pushed back as the London-based producer flips it into a peak-time banger, heaven sent for big, cavernous warehouses.

If Positivia Records keep this sort of thing coming, they can celebrate their anniversary for as long as they like.