Los Angeles-based producer 14KT is currently gearing up for the April 25 release of his upcoming album For My Sanity (pre-order here). As part of that, he's today sharing this Kaidi Tatham remix of his beautiful collab with Muhsinah, "The Power Of Same". Tatham's remix is beautifully soulful yet surprisngly quick in pace, centering around Virginia singer Muhsinah's sumptuous vocals before melting away into a squelchy, jazzy club heater.

As any good remix should, Tatham also seems to have gone to a lot of trouble to leave Muhsinah's gorgeous vocals untouched. A prolific collaborator, Muhsinah's past team-ups most notably include Common and The Foreign Exchange, but her solo material is just as essential — particularly her M EP from a few years ago. As a trio, 14KT, Muhsinah and Kaidi Tatham work exceptionally well and should really consider making this a more permanent arrangement.

Speaking with Complex via email, 14KT told us: "The track was inspired by a bible study plan I was reading called The Power Of Same. It spoke about the power of being consistent in our lives. I thought about how consistently God's love and my family's love have gotten me through my journey of life."