Our visit to Long Beach, California, for ComplexCon 2018 wouldn’t have been complete if we hadn’t sat down with two of the city’s most recognizable faces: Snoop Dogg and Vince Staples.

Two years after performing in his hometown for the first time at ComplexCon 2016, Snoop reflected on the growth of Long Beach. “It’s crazy the way that they're upgrading the city, the way that events like this can happen, and the way that the rappers are taking it to a whole other level,” he told Complex's Pierce Simpson. “I'm so impressed and so pleased with it because, you’ve got to remember, when I first started rapping, it was just gang banging and hustling. That and athletics was basically our only way out. So to make it, and then make an impression on the next generation and plant a seed that you can see the city growing, and you're watching them seeds and watching rappers take it to places that you couldn't take it to—you’re not mad. You’re happy for them.”

Snoop Dogg also discussed hip-hop’s rise in prominence and how it’s become the new pop music. “Popular just means that everybody loves your music,” he noted. “It doesn’t mean you’re a sellout. It just means you made it.”

The conversation took place just a day after the release of Vince Staples’ new album, FM!, but Vince revealed to the ComplexCon audience that he has four more projects on the way. He also took time to point out double standards that exist for rappers. “Last time I checked, the rock stars get coveted for trashing hotel rooms and catching cases,” he said. “If we do one thing, it’s over with forever.” You can see Vince Staples’ full conversation with Snoop Dogg above.