Never one to spare his political opinion, T.I. fielded questions about Travis Scott, Big Boi, Maroon 5, and other artists performing at the upcoming Super Bowl.

"I don't know," T.I. said on Thursday (Jan. 24) after being asked by TMZ if he feels Travis agreeing to the Super Bowl means he's not "for the culture."

"I think every man have an opportunity ... he can make a decision for himself, or he could be selfless. And, nobody can tell someone when to be selfless," Tip continued. "That's every man's right to choose that moment for themselves. So, if this ain't something that he wanted to be selfless about, hopefully in the future we'll see other moments where he will."

Even though Travis Scott has been getting attacked from every angle, the pair's storied history might allow for T.I.'s words to weigh heavier on the Astroworld rapper. While most people associate Travis' stardom/conception with Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music, it should be noted that Scott was first discovered by T.I. who gave the Houston rapper his first deal through Grand Hustle Records.

And despite Scott's Kardashian/Jenner/West affiliations, Tip and Travis have maintained a working relationship. T.I. did the narration on Travis' debut album Rodeo and all of Scott's ensuing albums have been released in partnership with Grand Hustle. As a result, T.I.'s clear disappointment in Scott's decision might spark something that will allow Travis to see that "all money isn't good money."