Soulja Boy Goes Off on Kanye: 'I'm the Reason Why Kanye Act Cocky'

During a live stream on his Instagram account on Monday, Soulja Boy said that he's the reason Kanye acts the way he does now.

Soulja Boy

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Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy is coming for Kanye West. During a livestream on his Instagram account on Monday, Soulja Boy said that he's the reason Kanye acts the way he does now. "N****s talk about Kanye West... Kanye West?! [...] Yo, the n***a that's crying about Drake on Twitter every week," he said, while livestreaming from a car. "The n***a that came out with Yeezys? N***a I came out with a video game console! Kanye West ain't never came out with no fucking video game console."

Continuing from there, he exclaimed, "I'm the reason Kanye West act like why [sic] he act. I'm the reason Kanye act cocky, cause you know why? When I first got on with 'Crank That Soulja Boy,' and I was 16-years-old, and I had the No. 1 song in the country, and I went x10 platinum ... Kanye West was standing outside my motherfucking van looking like he wanted to meet me, and I didn't know who the fuck he was." It's clear that he wants smoke from the way he's talking about Ye.

Talking about his first memory of Kanye, he said that his manager explained that Ye was "JAY-Z's artist." "I said, 'I don't give a fuck get out my face,'" he added. "And then my manager said, 'You can't do that bro, he's an artist this is MTV awards, say hi to Kanye.' I said, 'Yo man I don't give a fuck about no damn Kanye, I got the No. 1 song in the world, n***a.'" 

Despite his comments, he also explained that his opinion of Kanye changed over time. "Kanye is great now, obviously," he said before listing of a number of his favorite Yeezy records. "Ever since then Kanye acting like he got an attitude." The comments were provoked by the "biggest comeback of 2018" conversation, which he started when he said that Tyga didn't have the biggest comeback of the year.

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy is asking his fans to send him donations without explaining why exactly. "All my fans send me something," he tweeted. "I will pick a random donator who sends the largest donation and give you a free SouljaWatch and SouljaConsole tweet me when your [sic] done!"

Complex's own Deputy Music Editor Eric Skelton ordered Soulja Boy's SouljaWatch on Dec. 4 and has yet to receive it, so maybe take what Soulja Boy says with a grain of salt.

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