With over two decades of emceeing in the drum and bass and UK hip-hop scenes, Manchester's own DRS is a legend within both genres. Releasing his debut LP Grown Man Biznizz in 2010, DRS is now readying to drop his fourth album, From The Deep, this Friday. This serves as his second project on his new label Space Cadet, following the arrival of his Space Cadet EP last month. DRS told Complex over email that "From The Deep is the story of my life over the past few years, dealing with the loss of two of my closest friends, and the snowball effect of problems and vices that came with me running away from dealing with this series of unfortunate events."

"Serial Escapist" continues this theme of dependency on vices which dampen the pain of reality, with DRS rapping over a twinkling trap production, somewhat reminiscent of Houston's chopped and screwed sound. The visuals reflect the song's sentiment and show DRS living fast, getting face tattoos, all the while exploring the perils of opioid addiction.

Directed by Tarnish Vision, peep the video for "Serial Escapist" exclusively above.