Solange told us herself that we would hear a new album before December 31, 2018, at 11:59 p.m. Yes, she missed her self-imposed window. But the arrival of a new Solange album just two years after she came through with an album of the year contender is a much faster timetable than anyone might've predicted. Solange is similar to Frank Ocean in regard to craft and time spent fine-tuning. She’s been on record numerous times about how many years it took her to make A Seat at the Table as perfect as it is. As such, it's the kind of album that is successfully built to last; the kind that can keep a fan base fed for years while the next opus is toiled over. And, yet, while Frank (and plenty others) make this list out of hopes for a drop, the arrival of Solange's fourth album in 2019 is a sure thing. She's described it as jazzy and soulful but also crafted with the goal to “make our trunks rattle.” If she originally said she'd release the album by December, that means we can reasonably expect it by early spring, if my auteur-creative-process math is correct. Take all the time you need, Solange. That seat at 2019's table already has your name on it. —Frazier Tharpe