It’s unclear what shape it will take, but a major release from Chance the Rapper in 2019 feels like a sure bet. Maybe we’ll finally get his long-rumored collaborative project with Childish Gambino. Or perhaps he’ll reconnect with Kanye West in Chicago and finish Good Ass Job. More likely, the momentum from Chance’s string of singles in 2018 will lead to the release of his first full-length LP since 2016’s Coloring Book. Whether he continues chasing that record’s gospel-infused sound, dips back into the Acid Rap flavor that put him on the map in 2013, or explores something new entirely, we’re here for it. 2018 releases “The Man Who Has Everything” and “I Might Need Security” proved Chance the Rapper can still rap his ass off, when he’s not busy purchasing local newspapers and making cameos on Sesame Street. —Eric Skelton