If you look up Jesse Gold on any streaming service, you won't find much material, but this Toronto-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist is far from a new kid on the block: he's a lifelong musician and seasoned performer who's entertained crowds all over the country, and has even worked with industry heavyweights from Craig David to Babyface. But after taking some time away to get reacquainted with who he is as an artist and the kind of music he wants to make, he's back with a two-pack of singles that celebrates a refreshed look and sound.

"No Good" is a percussion-driven track that blends elements of acoustic and electronic. "(This song) is about a crush I had on a girl for many years," Jesse tells us via email. "One night, I had a dream that we were finally together and it was 'no good.' After that dream, I was cured." The second single, "Scary Lover," features an interesting juxtaposition of lazy, laid-back vocals against a high-energy production, giving the song a unique vibe. "The pulse of this song is constantly pushing and pulling, but never really landing comfortably," says Jesse "…much like the relationship."

In addition to new material, Jesse has also been working with Toronto's Sean Brown, noted for his label NEEDS&WANTS and his work with Daniel Caesar, on making sure his branding and image is reflective of his refreshed and refined sound. "I’m proud of this music and I’m confident in it—the sounds we've developed here really feels like me," Jesse says of his latest output. "I’m definitely also nervous, but in most areas of my life, nerves have served me well."

Take in "No Good" and "Scary Lover" here today or on the streaming platform of your choice, and be sure to follow Jesse for more music coming soon. And as for his expectations and hopes with his new music, Jesse's desires are pretty simple: "That it makes (people) feel good. I also hope they deem it a major bop."

Photo by Sean Brown