2007 was an important year for UK hip-hop: it was the year the 'road rap' explosion took place on the streets of South London and infiltrated the rest of the big, bad city. At the centre of this ominous strain of Brit-rap stood a then-unknown rapper by the name of Giggs, aka Hollowman from Peckham. Taking on a Dr. Dre production (used for Stat Quo's single "Here We Go"), Giggs wrapped his monotone flow and lived-out rhymes around the drum-heavy, strings-led beat to formulate "Talking Da Hardest"—a track now considered the catalyst of this entire sound. Proving that he was no one-hit-wonder, Giggs' collaborative mixtape with fellow SN1 member Dubz, Ard Bodied gave us timeless gems such as "Pain Is The Essence" and "List Hello" and 12 years on, the tape is as much of a hood legend as its creator.