Clairmont The Second is starting off the year with a bang. The JUNO and Polaris nominated artist came into 2019 hot following a run of incredible music videos, and thankfully, it's a trend that's showing no signs of slowing down. Over the weekend, the talented producer/rapper teased a forthcoming release called "Grip" and declared another music video would accompany it.

As promised — and after some hefty page refreshing — Clairmont dropped the combo pack on our heads, and showed everyone why he's one of the most talked about emcees in city. The fresh new song employs a bouncy instrumental packed with ghostly synths and vintage sample sounds, and has Clairmont spitting lines about tying loose ends.

Once again, the stylish visual is directed by the man himself and is augmented with slick cinematography by Beee. Check out the full thing above via Clairmont's YouTube channel, and be sure to stream it below on Soundcloud.