T.I. released his tenth studio offering Dime Trap back in October 2018. Now, the Atlanta native has dropped a cinematic flip of the Victoria Monét-featuring album cut "The Amazing Mr. Fuck Up."

Premiering on Monday on T.I.'s show T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle, the short film features comedian Britney Elena, Columbus Short, Woody McClain, and model Denise Rodriguez. For some reason, there's both a 10-minute and a 5-minute version of the Mike Ho production. Ho and Derrick D. Beck penned the script. If the final words on the screen are to be believed, we should expect some sort of a part two in the future.

All the Dime Trap-inspired interviews we've gotten over the past few months have been loaded with anecdotes, including a bit about skipping out on a Drake signing. Speaking with the Breakfast Club, T.I. explained how—from his perspective—the music Drake was making wasn't yet in the mainstream vernacular.

"It was Drake before the beard," T.I. said. "It just hadn't caught all the way up yet. That type of music, that sound of music, the emo sound wasn't necessarily prevalent at the time." Comparing the situation to his initial skinny jeans reluctance, T.I. said he simply failed to "see the curve."