Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff’s son Kyle McGriff took his turn at trolling 50 Cent, following Fif’s recent diss.

When a photo of Kyle and 50's son Marquise Jackson was shared on the internet late last week, Fif took it as an opportunity to take a jab at both Kyle and Marquise, commenting, “if both these little n***as got hit by a bus, I wouldn’t have a bad day.”

Earlier this week, Kyle shot back on Instagram with a set of videos. In the clips, Kyle is brushing his teeth to 50 Cent's hit record “Many Men (Wish Death),” alongside the caption, “My favorite song foreal.”

In the first clip, you can plainly hear Fif’s intro: “Many men wish death upon me/Blood in my eye, dawg, and I can't see.” In the second video, Kyle even raps along to two lines in 50’s first verse, “I'm the diamond in the dirt that ain't been found/I'm the underground king and I ain't been crowned.” It’s unclear, at this point, whether Kyle actually likes the record, or is trying to best Fiddy at his own game.

50 Cent’s comments toward his own son Marquise arrive after a deep-seated beef between Fif and Marquise’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, who filed a $50 million lawsuit against the rapper around 10 years ago. The feud has found ways to surface this year as well: in June, for Father’s Day, Marquise trolled Fif with an Instagram photo, reminding fans of the bad blood between him and his dad.

As for 50's beef with Kyle, that has everything to do with Supreme Griff. In 2005, federal investigators claimed to have discovered evidence that Griff was plotting to kill Fif over 2000's "Ghetto Qu'ran" for portraying his criminal past. Investigators also allegedly uncovered a conspiracy brewing between Griff and some employees of the music label Murder Inc.