In an impassioned new op-ed, manager Christian Clancy looked back on the deeply inspirational years he spent with the late Mac Miller.

Describing Miller—whom he first met in 2012—as a "selfless" person, Clancy spoke highly of the artist's proven dedication to building the legacy he had always envisioned for himself.

"Malcolm was wildly driven and prolific—he had so much to say," Clancy said. "The studio was his safe place and it’s where his talent grew, to the point where he was able to make Swimming, a timeless, intimate album he was incredibly proud of."

Clancy last spent time with Miller just two days before his death. He and the team, per Clancy, were excited to get the full Swimming experience on the road for the fans.

"He was happy and in as good a mental state as he had been since we'd known him," he said. "That's why all of this is so surreal—it was like a punch in the gut. There was so much in front of him that he was excited about. He was about to go on tour with Thundercat and J.I.D with a superstar band. He knew he was at his best and most comfortable with a band and couldn't wait to show his fans who he now was and the direction he was fully leaning into."

Read Clancy's full piece here.

Earlier this month, Swimming earned a nomination for Best Rap Album at the 61st Grammy Awards alongside releases from Travis Scott, Pusha-T, Nipsey Hussle, and Cardi B.

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