Love and loss often create fertile ground for art, and that's exactly the space that Vancouver-based singer/songwriter Dalilah was in in early 2017. Shortly after meeting producer Cole Mcevoy and experiencing all the highs of falling in love, Dalilah also experienced a devastating low: the death of her father. "I had my heart filled with love and excitement like I had never had before," Dalilah shares of the experience, "and very quickly afterward broken in a way I had never experienced before." She has channeled these complex emotions into "Lead Me Home," the lead single from her debut EP, and we are happily premiering the song here today on Complex

The song is produced by Mcevoy and features an accompanying visual, co-created and shot by Vancouver-based production company Pool Service Productions, and directed by Sam Demoe of with co-direction by Dallas Sauer. "I wanted the visuals for the song to reflect some of the emotion I felt when writing it," Dalilah explains. "For me this song was more about getting some heavy emotions off my chest and less about telling a story with strong dialogue. I wanted the video to portray a day in the life, and reflect where I was at emotionally. Although it was an incredibly challenging point for me I gained so much depth through that experience—seeing mundane aspects of life in a very beautiful way; appreciating the time I have as the moments come."

Enjoy "Lead Me Home" above and watch for Dalilah’s debut EP bye forever, w love to release in January 2019.