Label: Smoke Boys Music
Released: October 19

Smoke Boys, the South London rap crew formerly known as Section Boyz, have matured a lot since the first Don’t Panic dropped in 2015. For rappers, taking time out to live life or go through certain things is essential when putting together a strong project (what’s good, Meek!) and you can hear that throughout their 2018 follow-up. On Don’t Panic II, they’re experimenting with grime, Afro and Caribbean sounds and, topic-wise, we’re hearing a lot more about the women in their lives. Trap house antics were once a big part of Smoke Boys’ appeal, and although there are still nods to that on cuts like “Important Men” and “Section 6ixty”, standout cuts “Groupie” (which interpolates Ja Rule and Charli Baltimore’s “Down Ass Chick”) and “Outside” show a more versatile, mainstream-friendly side to the crew. I’m excited to see their 2019 play out. —Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson