The Grammy nominations are out and the Hellmouth is open yet again! Only, this year it's not so cut and dry as, "Phew they got everything right" or "OMFG this is horrible." It's a bemusing mix of smart choices, surprising selections, and shocking snubs. Some here at Complex couldn't care less about say, my girl Taylor Swift finding a seat at her usual Album of the Year table. "Blank Space" was one of the best songs of this decade, nothing on reputation comes close—end of story! Also, point me to the person who predicted voters would be so big on H.E.R. because I could use a good stock advisor, ya heard? But good for H.E.R.!

There are some developments, though, that warrant a deep dive—both because of the ripple effects they could cause (does Neil Portnow know he just broiled the steak on two of the year's most contentious rap beefs?) and because of the insight that certain nominee choices provide into the Grammy selection committees (course-correcting or usual buffoonery or plain ol' bad taste). Here are some of the biggest takeaways.