Excerpted transcripts from XXXTentacion's October 2016 prison phone calls have been released. During the calls, which were recorded while XXXTentacion was locked up at Metro West Detention Center in Florida, he again discussed his domestic abuse case.

"I already got what I wanted, I already bashed her face—her face on the internet, bruh, I done made her look bad on the internet, bruh," XXXTentacion said of his former girlfriend during a call placed Oct. 26, according to an extensive report from Pitchfork published Thursday. Later that day, XXXTentacion was informed of an Instagram clip including a portion of that quote, at which he point he asked for a "humiliating" video of the woman to be sent to him. "She's so stupid because now I'm about to go all out on her," he said. "I got something for this bitch-ass. She should have never done this. I got a video, bruh."

Elsewhere, XXXTentacion told a woman on the phone, "I guess the detective was asking you questions and I guess you didn't answer 'em right." He also mocked allegations that he had imprisoned his ex-girlfriend, discussed his thoughts on Trump and Clinton (including stating abject falsehoods about her views on women's health and gun safety), and more. Read Pitchfork's full report on the excerpted calls here.

Last month, Pitchfork obtained and released "secretly recorded" audio in which he confessed to abuse. "I put my source of happiness in another person, which was a mistake initially, right?" he's heard saying in the recording. "But she fell through on every occasion until now. Until I started fucking her up, bruh. I started fucking her up because she made one mistake. And from there, the whole cycle went down. Now she's scared. That girl is scared for her life. Which I understand."

This latest update arrives on the eve of another posthumous XXXTentacion single release. The reception to "Falling Down," the posthumously released Lil Peep song featuring brief vocal contributions from XXXTentacion, was divided due to the fact that several Peep fans and collaborators alike felt that the two wouldn't have actually worked together if Peep were still alive.

XXXTentacion was shot and killed outside a motorcycle shop in Deerfield Beach, Florida back in June. At the time of his death, he was awaiting trial on multiple charges including witness tampering and the alleged abuse of a pregnant woman. Following his death, the abuse case was formally dropped.