Year: 2009

In an interview with Shade45 radio in December of 2008, Charles Hamilton was asked about his Interscope label-mate Soulja Boy: "It's because of Soulja Boy that the way I live, the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' shit that's dead real to me, is considered a joke." That's probably not why, Charles. He went on to say in a subsequent conversation that Soulja Boy gamed the system by adding MySpace friends, which ruined the chances of making it for rappers like Cory Gunz, Mickey Factz and Kid Cudi.

Soulja Boy, fresh from burying Ice-T, got to cracking on Charles in a WorldStar video: "Go back to the drawing board, get a magic marker, X out the Sonic-you might want to fuck with Mario." And then he got serious, adding, "But at the end of the day, man, perfect your craft." (Can you believe Soulja Boy uttered the words "perfect your craft" unironically?) In 2009, Charles Hamilton was dropped from Interscope, having lost all of his MySpace friends.