Rising Baton Rouge rapper Quadry knows when to keep it simple. Instead of getting caught up in gimmicks or over-the-top theatrics, his music succeeds on the strength of an effortless flow and relatable storytelling.

Approaching the video for his Malik Ruff standout "Pirelli" in a similar manner, he set out to capture a typical day with his friends. Quadry tells Complex, "Each day we shot was an attempt to catch us in our natural habitat, so we just did what we always do—go to the Buffalo Mart, get a blunt, and ride around Baker, a northern suburb of Baton Rouge."

"The song is about aspiration and camaraderie," he adds. "All my friends talk about is what kind of tires they'll put on their dream car, or just simply reminiscing about how we used to be." Over production from DJ Dahi, Quadry's star-power and charisma lifts to the surface as he lays out his game plan: "Lil' country n***a tryna shock the culture, game over."

Watch the premiere of his Judah Grayson-shot video for "Pirelli" up top and dive into his Malik Ruff project on Spotify below.