It’s plain and simple; Vic August’s “Withdrawals” is probably the summer anthem you needed. Vibrant, loud and undeniably banging, the Northern Territory rapper brings a flavour of his own to the deep basslines and atmospheric synths that make up the production. His melodic croons and triplet flows bellow in confidence as he uses the concept of withdrawing from a vice to represent a departure of love. It’s sing-a-long ready with plenty of insta-quotables for the timeline, and it’s engulfed in pop appeal that’s more than likely to take Vic August in bigger directions than ever before.

It’s easy to tell that Vic August isn’t a stranger to noise; especially considering the amount he’s made within the last year alone. With singles like “Bandit” amassing over half a million on Spotify, the rapper is bringing his own unique flavour to the ever-changing landscape of Australian hip-hop, making him the perfect fit for his current record label WVS (home to the likes of Sophiegrophy and HVNCOQ).

Watch the video for “Withdrawals” above, and look out for Vic August’s new EP Truths, which is slated to drop in February next year.