My thoughts on grime's current positioning has caused much debate within the scene of late, and this was always the mission: to get the fire burning in artists again. And one MC that we can always rely on to bring the lyrical heat is East London's Jammz.

Today, Jammz, who's also a skilled producer (and now ~theatre~ actor), released an eight-track project entitled Warrior 2—the experimental follow-up to his 2016 debut in the series—and is now sharing the brilliantly-shot visuals for "Lemonade Man", its standout track.

Speaking on the making of his latest drop, Jammz told Complex: 

"Warrior 2 is basically just a snapshot of my life at a point in time, as well as my mindstate. I started recording back in 2016; I think the first tune I wrote was the 'Intro' which is basically a part two to the original 'Warrior' single. As far as production goes, this is probably the most in-depth project I've done so far—especially in terms of how the whole project links together. It's definitely my best body of work to date."

Jammz also told us about his new passion—acting—and shared his thoughts on the next steps for grime:

"As well as the EP, I landed a role in a play in one of the top theatres in the country—which was sick. I co-wrote it as well, which was a very different process for me to go through rather than just writing music. Acting and writing has definitely opened my eyes to some new ideas on how I can spread my message through other mediums—everything I'm doing at the moment links back to what Warrior is about, which is 'creating a pathway'. In terms of where I see grime going, I think we're in a good place at the moment. Although the mainstream attention's dipped a bit, I think that's prompted more people to take a DIY approach to things, which is good, because people are taking control of their own destiny. I definitely think things like Beat Boss, Mucky, Grime Originals and other, similar events are playing a big part in keeping the game alive right now. The future is bright."

Peep the Director 411-shot video for "Lemonade Man" above, and stream Warrior 2 in full right after the jump