Man, Hard to Kill really is the living embodiment of "quality over quantity". The Toronto duo only have one full-length project to their name, but it's an LP that's still turning heads and grabbing new fans on the daily.

Alongside the excellent self-titled album, Hard to Kill (Teddy Fantum and G Milla) have blessed us with a handful of captivating music videos. The boys started things off right in the spring with a dark treatment of "Slime", which was then followed by some surreal footage on "Paper Cranes". Teddy and G then decided to celebrate the end of summer with an optical assault via "Double G'z". Yesterday, they dropped their final offering this year and it's a psychedelic take on album standout "Torino".

In just over three minutes, viewers are thrown into a red-tinted dreamscape full of fire, mountain ranges, and motorcycle helmets. DATKNOX is credited with direction on this joint, while cinematography and effects are credited to Justin West. You can watch the full video above via YouTube, and if you haven't already checked out Hard to Kill's debut, stream it below on Apple Music.