For his new Loose Cannon cut "Villain," Eliozie wanted to channel truly vintage Eminem.

"This track was highly influenced by old Slim Shady," Eliozie told Complex about the record. "It will be on my first EP coming out on November 9th titled Loose Cannon that is executive produced by Getter, which will be the 4th joint EP he's done after Pouya, Suicideboys, and Ghostemane."

Check out "Villain" below via the Trash YouTube channel.

And here's the full tracklist for Loose Cannon, out next Friday:

1. Neck
2. Stampede
3. Villain
4. Smoke
5. Orchestrate 
6. Steady 
7. Overdrive

Getter, speaking with Chef Music in September about his own Visceral project, touted Eliozie's newest batch of songs. "I'm working on a lot of hip-hop with my homie Eliozie, he's like the best rapper right now," Getter said. "We finished his album, I've started on my Terror Reid album and I'm already working on another Getter album. My goal now is to top all my older music. So just expect a lot of great, honest music."

Eliozie is currently out on the road, having recently joined tour stops with Lil Xan and others.