Over the past few years, Birthday Boy has established himself as one of Toronto's top producers, working with artists like Trish, a l l i e and 88Camino of XO's 88Glam, but now he's about to reveal a new side of his artistry with his six-track EP, 301N. 

The project builds on the musical direction of Birthday Boy's 2015 EP Music to Soothe the Savage Youth, his collaborative effort with 88Camino. However with 301N, instead of featuring an artist on the tracks as we've seen him do in the past, this time it's all Birthday Boy—from the vocals, to the production and instrumentation. 

The project seems to represent a bit of a re-birth of Birthday Boy the artist as he heads into foreign territory: "This project is a depiction of the cyborg 301N," he says in a statement, "as he departs from his human host and into the unknown." 

Check out 301N below on Spotify or via any of your preferred streaming platforms

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