It's officially over for you hoes. Ariana Grande, queen of the ponytail, has ditched her long hair for a shoulder length bob! 

Say goodbye to Grande's platinum blonde wig and boundless hair extensions. 2018's reigning pop princess has abandoned her signature look—for now. We shouldn't be surprised given everything that's happened over the past year, a little transformation is always good after a breakup or other major life changes. New hair = new Ari, which means new music.  

Speaking of, the singer also teased a new track off her upcoming project to follow "Thank U, Next." The song is titled "Needy," but so far no word on when it's dropping. 

Of course this transformation could be temporary. Grande is famously attached to her pony because of the damage to her hair after dying it red constantly as a teen actress. 

We'll have to wait and see if the ponytail returns in time for Grande's tour with Normani that kicks off next spring. 

Even if the look is short-lived, Grande's stans are still losing their minds. Peep some of the reactions below.