As the list of 6ix9ine’s legal troubles continues to grow, the rapper could be facing a new dispute with Fashion Nova.  

TMZ reports 6ix9ine and the online fashion brand inked a six-figure deal requiring the Dummy Boy rapper to name-drop Fashion Nova on his new album. After a short delay, it officially dropped on Tuesday with the track “MAMA” featuring Nicki Minaj and Kanye. "Splish splash apple bottoms make that ass phat,” 6ix9ine raps on the song. But according to TMZ, the line was supposed to be, “Splish splash Fashion Nova make that ass phat."  

Sources from the rapper’s label say Fashion Nova paid him up front for the lyric, and to include the brand in his accompanying music video (the one derailed by a shooting). Since 6ix9ine is now behind bars, that music video isn’t getting finished anytime soon and the reference to Fashion Nova was changed, though it’s not clear why. There’s speculation it has something to do with Nicki’s verse on the song and her beef with Cardi. Cardi dropped her new line with Fashion Nova earlier this month, so it's not unlikely Onika would ask her collaborator to nix the reference.  

For now the company can’t do much about getting their money back, as 6ix9ine waits for his trial to begin in September 2019. He entered a not guilty plea during a court hearing on Monday, after being arrested on Nov. 18. 6ix9ine currently faces a range of racketeering and firearms-related charges, each of which carry maximum sentences between three years and life, and more charges are expected to follow in the coming months.