6ix9ine appears to discuss a $30,000 hit on Tadoe, Chief Keef's cousin, in a newly surfaced video.

The video captures an apparent FaceTime argument between 6ix9ine and Tadoe. "When was the last time y'all did something to somebody?" 6ix9ine asks near the beginning of the clip. "What was the last person you shot?"

After some back-and-forth, 6ix9ine asks where Tadoe is staying. "Matter of fact, I'mma get your address," he says. As the FaceTime call seemingly comes to a close, 6ix9ine hands off the phone and says "I got a 30 pack on him right now. Swear to god I got a 30 pack. Thirty thou cash right now."

The video was posted by TMZ early Friday morning. According to their report, the footage was taken in late May. In June, Keef was reportedly shot at outside the W Hotel in New York.

6ix9ine was arrested alongside five others earlier this week on racketeering and firearms charges. His album DUMMY BOY, originally scheduled for release Friday, has been postponed "until further notice."

Adam Bercovici, a former LAPD lieutenant who served as the officer in charge of the FBI Violent Crime Task Force-Los Angeles, spoke with Complex earlier this week about 6ix9ine's current situation. As for the reported possibility of a life sentence, Bercovici believes a deal is more likely. 

"I think it's too early to say who’s going to jail for the rest of their life," he said. "This young rapper's attorney might tell him, 'Cooperate so you don't go to jail.' But if you look at RICO cases, deals are being made. I would say the chances are pretty good that people are going to start making deals."