21 Savage’s next album will go back to his gangster roots, possibly mirroring some of the lyrical content and sound found on 2015 street classics Slaughter King, The Slaughter Tape, and Free Guwop. In an interview with XXL for the magazine’s Spring 2018 issue, 21 revealed that while fans want the “Bank Account”-sounding music, he needs to get back to basics. “I’m going back gangsta,” he says. “I’m going back to what brought me in the door… I wanna get back on some gangsta shit 'cause I feel like everybody rap about money and cars all day. Like they say I be rap about too much guns and shit, but that's what the hell be going on. That's what really be going on, like, in real life.” He continued, “Everybody don’t have a Bentley in real life. There’s very few people that have a Bentley. There’s a lot of people that got guns that ain’t got shit. I’m trying to go back more to that side on this album.”