If you're still sleeping on LOONY, this is your gentle reminder to wake the hell up. The Scarborough singer came crashing onto the scene earlier this year with cuts that confidently blended a throwback approach to modern R&B sonics. Already with some amazing tracks to her credit, and a major look from Apple Music (including a special shout-out from Ebro himself) the songstress is quickly establishing herself as an artist to watch.

Now a few months since her last release, LOONY is back in a big way with another anthemic offering. This time, we're getting treated to a music video for a moody new track called "Overnight". Released earlier today, the Akeel Henry-produced song and accompanying video tells the story of one succumbing to a negative and warped mindset and how that affects their approach to daily life.

LOONY took to her Instagram page to delve into the story a bit further, explaining that when she penned the track, she wanted to convey "that feeling of wanting to grow, and wanting to get immediate results from putting forth just the smallest amount of effort". Going further, she explained that she wanted to explore the mentality "when it doesn't immediately go (your) way, having that sort of lazy, lame, defeatist attitude".

You can watch the dope video above via YouTube and be sure to stream the track on Apple Music below.