Never one to shy away from controversy, Vic Mensa took to Instagram where he dispelled rumors that he was shot and/or stabbed.

This post appears to to be in response to the slew of threats the Chicago artist has received at the hands of XXXTentacion loyalist following his controversial BET Hip Hop Awards cypher where he dissed the late rapper for his alleged violence against women. In the aired version Vic seems to use XXX's actions to take shots at 6ix9ine and DJ Akademiks who he has had publicized issues with in the past.  

"The only time you bear arms is in a wife beater, loser/Your favorite rapper's a domestic abuser," Vic raps with portions of his later bars being modified by the network. Yet, according to Akademiks and those in attendance, Vic went on to spit "XXX, we all know you won’t live that long/I don’t respect n***as posthumously/Homicide ain’t new to me/Catch up with Akademiks at your eulogy."

As expected, this was met with immense backlash due to the nature of X's death and the fact his mother was present during the taping. Both fans and fellow rappers like Denzel Curry have voiced their displeasure with Mensa's lyrics. In addition, Vic's seemingly backhanded Instagram apology where he expressed condolences to X's family but stood by his decision to condemn the rapper did not soothe X's followers. As a result, several people close to Vic, plus Mensa himself, have been targeted by threats of bodily harm.

Vic, however, is not cowering from his comment section, having posted several pictures to Instagram exposing those making threats. And although Mensa seems unfazed by the Twitter-finger attacks, with the lines between art and reality being blurred one hopes the two sides can find a resolution soon.