Target: Gangster rap, N.W.A, Compton
Producer: Ced Gee
Album: Penicillin on Wax
Label: Ruffhouse
Best Line: "Dre beatin' on Dee from Pump It Up/Step to the Dog and get fucked up"

Frustrated that artists from the West Coast, in particular the city of Compton, were receiving more attention than their counterparts on the East Coast, South Bronx MC Tim Dog took the entire city of Compton—namely N.W.A—to war. Claiming their beats, lyrics, and style of dress were inferior to those popular on the East, Tim threatened to "crush Ice Cube" and "chew Eazy like tobacco and spit him in shit." The accompanying video featured N.W.A lookalikes being assaulted while donning jheri curls and Raiders caps. The track is also noteworthy as it's an obvious precursor to the East Coast vs. West Coast battle that plagued hip-hop years later.