Target: Kurupt, Death Row Records, Suge Knight
Producer: Josef Laimberg
Album: Paid tha Cost to Be da Boss
Label: Priority/Capitol/EMI
Best Line: "This nigga's a bitch like his wife/Suge Knight's a bitch and that's on my life"

After years of remaining relatively silent in the current Death Row vs. former Death Row inmate battle, Snoop stepped up from subliminal shots, to full on assault with "Pimp Slapp'd," a dedication to Death Row and their biggest star at the time, Suge Knight. After years of prodding by Simon (from in and outside of his jail cell), Snoop finally vocalized what many had been scared to say for years: "Suge Knight's a bitch."

Taunting Death Row's then-roster (including DPG cast-off Kurupt) and questioning Suge's manhood in prison, "Pimp Slapp'd" was a major blow to Suge, who at the time was struggling to hold on to his menacing reputation and keep his once-legendary label relevant. This track opened the floodgates for Suge Knight dissing (partly because, well, Snoop didn't die after it was released), and turned Suge into more of a punchline than a feared executive goon.