Target: 2Pac
Producer: Havoc and Prodigy
Album: Hell on Earth
Label: Loud Records/RCA/BMG
Best Line: "Got raped on the Island you officially got/Kick that thug shit, Vibe magazine on some love shit" (Havoc)

While incarcerated in 1995, 2Pac caught wind that NYC-duo Mobb Deep shouted "Thug Life we still living it" in the chorus of their hit single "Survival of the Fittest" (it probably didn"t help that Puff Daddy was featured in the video). As the face and frontman of the group Thug Life, 2Pac saw this as a direct shot, and upon his release from prison in late-1995, waged a war against Mobb Deep. Although Biggie Smalls was Pac's public enemy No. 1, he was sure to slam the duo at any given opportunity, and they became mainstays in each of Pac's diss tracks.

While most of Pac's adversaries remained mum and refused to respond to the disses, Mobb Deep chomped at the bit with "Drop a Gem on Em," a joint featuring thinly veiled barbs relating to Pac's NYC robbery and shooting and even accusations that he was raped on Rikers Island. Although it's reported that "Drop a Gem on Em" was recorded before Pac passed away, the track didn't see an official release until two months after he died, which was seen by some as a tasteless move on the part of Mobb Deep and Loud Records.