Target: MC Eiht
Producer: DJ Quik
Album: Murder Was the Case Soundtrack
Label: Death Row/Interscope
Best Line: "E-I-H-T, now should I continue/Yeah you left out the G, 'cause the G ain't in you"

The battle between Compton, Calif.'s DJ Quik and MC Eiht began in 1991, with each rapper dropping (at least) one diss song toward the other per album. Quik, a Tree Top Piru, and Eiht, a Tragniew Park Crip, weren't set-tripping but rather vying for the top spot in Compton. The wittiest and most cleverly crafted of the saga, was DJ Quik's "Dollaz + Sense," which had a high-profile slot on Death Row's Murder Was the Case Soundtrack.

Quik dismantled Eiht, claiming Eiht was "shaking like a crap game" when the two crossed paths in an airport, and poking fun at his below-average acting skills in Menace II Society. The beef eventually left wax for the streets years later, when an altercation broke out at L.A.'s El Ray Theatre between Quik and Eiht's entourages, during a Quik concert. Although DJ Quik denied involvement in the incident, he discussed the altercation on his popular record, "You'z A Ganxsta," where he also offered an olive branch to Eiht.