Target: Sole
Producer: El-P
Album: N/A
Label: N/A
Best Line: "From now on you're immortalized playin' yourself on my record/Congratu-fuckin-lations isn't that what you wanted, idiot" (El-P)

After Anticon member Sole dissed Company Flow frontman El-P on "Dear Elpee," El-P used art of war tactics and slyly recorded a phone conversation between the eager-to-apologize Sole and himself. Sole turned out to be more stan than enemy, professing "I love Company Flow" and "I wanna be down," self-ether at its finest. This "Linda Tripp" tactic (named after the Pentagon employee who secretly recorded her phone conversations with Monica Lewinsky, which led to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton) would be used many times over the course of hip-hop history. I believe the kids now call it being "Young Buck'd."