Target: Ice Cube
Producer: Pete Rock
Album: Relativity Urban Assault
Label: Relativity Records
Best Line: "Hyprocrite, I'm filling out your death certificate/Slanging bean pies and St. Ides in the same sentence"

Taking offense to Common's analogy on "I Used to Love H.E.R.," which included the line, "I wasn't salty she was with them Boyz N the Hood," Ice Cube dissed the Chicago MC on Mack 10's "Westside Slaughterhouse," saying, "All you suckas wanna diss the Pacific, but you busta niggas never get specific/Used to love H.E.R., mad 'cause we fucked her/Pussy-whipped bitch, with no Common Sense."

Common quickly retaliated with "The Bitch in Yoo," which reminded Cube that there was no "busta" in Com, and that he'd "backed into a Four Corner Hustler." Com went at Cube, labeling the Don Mega as a washed-up gangsta rapper who hadn't made a good album since Amerikkka's Most Wanted and taking shots at the Westside Connection. The beef was eventually squashed when Minister Louis Farrakhan intervened and had a sitdown with the two.