Aside from their New York roots, Skizzy Mars and singer/producer duo Prelow have connected to showcase other similarities on "Come a Little Closer."

“The Prelow guys are two of my best friends and I happen to love their music." Mars told Complex. "We just kick it in NYC and create really organically. One of those nights this summer we made 'Come a Little Closer.'

The song finds Mars handling the rapping, Jesse Aicher bringing the vocals, and Matt Walsh handling the overall production. Throughout parts of the song, Mars and Aicher take turns singing the hook, maintaining perfect sync with one another.

“We were all in New York one night hanging out and we started playing beats," Walsh explained. "Skizzy would hear five seconds of a beat and say, 'Just pull it up and I’ll record.' He freestyled most of the song right then and we finished it the next day.”

The video for the record depicts the trio, along with some friends, taking a trip out to the desert. “For the video we thought, 'Let’s ride dirt bikes around the hills,” Aicher said. "But then we realized that none of us know how to ride dirt bikes, so we hired some actually cool people to ride them for us."

"Come a Little Closer" serves as the first record off their upcoming joint project. Check out the video up top.

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