There are few things in music as frustrating and heartbreaking as a lost or stolen hard drive. Quality Control Music CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas is now offering up $20,000 for a drive that was stolen from one of the QC engineers.

Pee went on Instagram to broadcast the reward to whoever swiped the drive out of his engineer’s Dodge Journey at a Chevron gas station in Atlanta. “That was my enginer [sic] car with an important hard drive in it,” Pee wrote. “I know you just doing what you do and I’m not knocking your hustle cause I use to steal cars in the 90’s. I have 20k cash money for the hard drive back.”

There’s no mention of what’s on the hard drive, but for 20K it's obviously pretty important. Quality Control is home to Migos, Lil Yachty, City GirlsLil Baby, and more, which means there could be anything on that drive.

“Hit me in the dm or anybody who you know that know me or anybody in the camp. It’s all good we need that hard drive. Thank you,” he wrote in the caption. Hopefully the drive gets recovered soon, or who knows what kind of music we could be missing out on. 

Shortly after Pee made his plea, he returned to Instagram with a fortunate update: The drive was recovered.

On top of that, Lil Baby celebrated passing one billion streams on Apple Music:

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