Relationships are complicated, and unfortunately they always tend to get a lot more difficult until we finally find something that feels effortless—or maybe even perfect. However, long before most of us walk down that road towards perfection we find ourselves stuck in a revolving door of sorts. When there are enough pros, it can be easy to ignore the cons right in front of us. Fortunately, if you relate to any of this, you're far from alone and Phony Ppl is here to gift you with a soundtrack about this exact dizzying cycle of emotions.

Before their forthcoming album Mō’zā-ik is released on October 19, Phony Ppl returns with a brand new single titled "Something About Your Love." Although this track details the experience of heartache and pondering the right time to leave a toxic situation, the band creates a balance with the instrumentation that mirrors the good moments we tend to focus on when ignoring all the red flags.

“It's a song about staying in a relationship you know is poisonous," they explain. Elbee makes this even clearer as he sings "I'm just a millimeter from leaving you, it's so bad / but there's something about your love." Despite some negative realities, for the moment, it still seems impossible to let go. With Aja on the keys, Bari on bass, Elijah on guitar, and Matthew on the drums, "Something About Your Love" becomes a full four minute experience—truly forming a mosaic (excuse me, Mō’zā-ik) that brings their individual sounds together in a beautiful way.

Soon after their new album's release, Phony Ppl will be taking their feel-good music on the road as Pusha T's special guest for Part 2 of his Daytona Tour.

Listen to "Something About Your Love" above, and pre-order Mō’zā-ik here.