Malik Ninety Five’s momentum is getting stronger and stronger.

Just a day before he releases his Tragedy's Under the Sun project, the 23-year-old rapper has shared his self-produced record “WWYD?” Malik said he created the up-tempo track at a recent turning point in his life.

“In the beginning of the year I was living in L.A. and was trying to find myself in the music, but it seemed like nothing was working like I planned,” he told Complex. “It was February, I had just got my hearing back after my ear surgery like two weeks before, then got back to making beats since I had some time off from working at Record Plant. ‘WWYD?’ was the second song I produced that day then recorded it. It’s still one of my favorite songs and beats as I feel like it is a time stamp for me when I felt like all I had to rely on was myself which is really the whole message of the song.”

You can listen to “WWYD?” now via SoundCloud below. Tragedy's Under the Sun will release this Friday (Oct. 5).

Within the past year, the New Orleans-bred rapper became a member Currensy’s Jet Life Recordings, dropped multiple projects, and also appeared on Jay Rock’s Big Redemption Tour alongside Reason.

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