Lil Wayne's set at Atlanta's A3C Festival reportedly went south on Sunday night. According to reports from people who claimed to be at the show on Twitter, Weezy's set was cut short almost immediately.

While initial reports claimed that there was a shooting, others claimed that it was merely a fight that got out of hand. What all the accounts seem to have in common is the fact that the Carter V rapper ended his set early thanks to the confusion.

A video from TMZ show someone being taken out on a stretcher:


There was no shortage of live reactions on Twitter:


According to the Atlanta Police Department, someone yelled that they heard gunshots and that led to the crowd's confusion and panic. Twelve people were nursing minor injuries, but no serious injuries appear to have been reported.

A3C organizers also put out an official statement, stating that no weapons were involved in the altercation.

People can be seen running away from the stage in videos from the scene. 

QueFourFive gave his account of the "chaos" at the festival. 

"I just seen people moving, scattering," he said. "Some people said they didn't hear any gunshots...I hate it for everybody involved."

Wayne himself tweeted out wishes that everybody got away from the area safely.