In early June, posts from the controversial 9-year-old IG sensation Lil Tay vanished. Now over the past 24-hours, a flurry of ten extremely strange posts have appeared on Tay’s account detailing disturbing allegations against her father and her connection to the late XXXTentacion.

According to the first post, these allegations are not coming directly from Tay, but “someone who previously worked with Tay and have seen everything unfold since the beginning.” The posts also directs people to the private account @freeliltay__.

Video in two other posts allegedly captures Tay crying on June 3, the day before her social accounts went dark, after being ordered to return to her father’s custody. The posts explain how Tay’s father, a man named Christopher John Hope, forced the preteen off social media. Later posts detail various unverified forms of Hope’s abuse against his daughter, which include locking Tay in a closet and other forms of neglect.


Part 3: June 3rd Christopher John Hope never cared for Tay, her best interests and her dreams. While Christopher John Hope was with Tay’s Mother, he would cheat on her with multiple women and even had affairs with his assistant from his current law firm. He would not give Tay the quality time she deserved from a father, which was just one of the many reasons as to why they separated. Once they separated he often slept with different women with Tay in same bed. At court, the judge told him to stop, because “its a bad influence to be doing that around a child”, but he claimed that he and the woman “were wearing pajamas” and “she was just a friend”. Christopher John Hope is a womanizer. He has been paying for all of Richanee Alcover and her sons expenses since they met, and ever since the birth of his new child with Alcover, he stopped contacting Tay and refused to pay for support and now owes years of it. Chris Hope took Tay for granted. When it was his time to take care of Tay at his home, he wouldn’t feed her or make her proper meals and would mainly leave Tay with Richanee Alcover’s sister Chezca to care for her while he went out with Richanee Alcover and her son, to luxurious vacations and fancy dinners. While Chezca Alcover was babysitting Tay, she would scream at Tay and forcefully lock her in a dark closet for hours at a time for no reason, all with the knowledge and permission of Christopher John Hope. After this period Tay became very depressed and had to see a therapist every week, that is why Tay is full time with her Mom Angela. As Tay became famous and was finally starting to find happiness in her life, Christopher John Hope began trying to reinsert himself into her life in an attempt to bring her back down into the deep dark state that she was once in while in his care. #FreeLiltay

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Before disappearing this summer, Tay rose to fame thanks to her problematic posts where she posed as the industry’s “youngest flexer” alongside luxury cars, big houses, and stacks of cash. She scored a couple sponsorships, landed pics with a number of rappers, and aligned herself with the likes of Woah Vicky. She appeared on Good Morning America with her mother and brother shortly before her accounts went quiet.

One of the more disturbing new posts alleges that Tay was planning a trip to Florida to spend time with XXXTentation, who was murdered on June 18. X was allegedly encouraging Tay during her rapidly declining situation, and was supposedly going to pick up Tay at the airport the same day as his murder. The post alleges X might still be alive had Tay’s father not prevented her from visiting the late rapper.

“Since Christopher John Hope didn’t allow Tay to go to Florida, instead of going to the airport to pick Tay and her Mom up to plan for the charity, X decided to go to the motorcycle dealership last minute after Christopher John Hope stopped everything,” the post reads, referring to the dealership where X was fatally shot. “If Christopher John Hope had let Tay go to Florida on June 18th X would have been at the airport instead of the motorcycle dealership, and would've possibly not have been setup on June 18th.”


PART 8 While all this drama with Christopher John Hope and Tay was going on, @xxxtentacion was collaborating with Tay to run charity events, by using her following to spread positive messages, starting with a charity event that was supposed to take place in Florida. X got Tay and her Mom 2 plane tickets to Florida on June 18th, but Christopher John Hope refused to allow her to be a part of this event claiming that XXXTENTACION would be a negative influence on her life because of his past history. Many of the things he’s said about X were disgusting and horrible, when in reality X was one of Tay’s biggest inspirations. X knew about Tay’s current situation and was trying his hardest to help Tay. But since Christopher John Hope didn’t allow Tay to go to Florida, instead of going to the airport to pick Tay and her Mom up to plan for the Charity, X decided to go to the motorcycle dealership last minute after Christopher John Hope stopped everything. If Christopher John Hope had let Tay go to Florida on June 18th X would have been at the airport instead of the motorcycle dealership, and wouldve possibly not have been setup on June 18th. It’s all so sad because X’s last post announced the Charity event that was going to take place before Chris stopped things last minute. Christopher John Hope in a way contributed to X being set up. Tay has big dreams and aspirations that she was willing to work hard to achieve. For the first time in her life she was happy, she felt like she was on top of the world, but then out of nowhere Christopher John Hope attempted to come back to her life only to forcefully try and drag her down by bringing her back into the dark state that he was once responsible for putting her into. I hate seeing this happen to a poor little girl that has lived a difficult life and was finally given a chance to break out of her misery, we cannot let Christopher John Hope destroy Tay. #LLJ #FreeLilTay

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The since-deleted final post contained distorted audio and claimed Tay’s father is putting in a court order to have the 9-year-old placed in foster care, get her mother arrested, and have Tay's IG shut down altogether.

Tay's father has also sent Instagram a cease-and-desist letter, obtained by The Blast, claiming her brother has assumed control of her social media account and has “encouraged others” to “conduct criminal extortion and harassment.”

Tay's father is an attorney in Canada, and says he has a court order that allows him to make legal decisions for his daughter. He states Instagram is partly responsible for him receiving “threats, including death threats and other threats of bodily harm against myself.”

I write concerning the abovementioned Instagram account @liltay.

This account belongs to a minor, Claire Hope, aged 11 years old, born 29 July 2017. I am her father, with court-ordered final decision-making power in respect of matters concerning Claire.

Claire’s account has been taken over by her brother, Jingxian Sun, a.k.a. Jason Tian, also a minor. He has either personally, or encouraged others, or negligently allowed the account to be used by third parties, to conduct criminal extortion and harassment as well as the torts of defamation and libel. The content of the posts is patently and provably false and is outrageously defamatory. At present, Instagram is a party to those offenses by continuing to host the account and hold it in good standing.

It’s hard to verify any of the information in these posts so far, or to discern if this is a way for Tay to generate attention before an impending come back, but the content is disturbing regardless. Wherever Tay is, hopefully she’s okay.