J. Prince is pretty confident that Drake could destroy Pusha-T if he wanted to. 

"I don't consider this a beef anymore. Pusha, he's like an ant to us. Like an ant that crawl around. We can smash him anytime... if that's something we wanted to do. But that's not the case here," Prince told TMZ

As part of the promotional tour for his new book, The Art & Science of Respect, Prince also stopped by REAL 92.3 in Los Angeles to chop it up with Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed. The men discussed a wide range of topics, including Floyd Mayweather, the music industry’s evolution, and, of course, Drake and Pusha’s highly publicized feud.

As most of you know, the rappers reignited their beef earlier this year with a series of diss tracks that culminated with “The Story of Adidon”—a scathing cut in which Pusha revealed Drake had a secret son.

Many assumed Drizzy would fire back, but as the days went on, it became more and more clear that Push would have the final word. It was later reported that the 6 God did, in fact, record a response; however, he chose to shelve the song after Prince advised him to do so.

The Rap-a-Lot boss insists he doesn’t regret making the request.

“Yeah, I heard the ingredients,” he told Kev and Hed, when asked if he had listened to purported diss track. “[…] It would’ve straight killed some careers.”

Kev then said he believes that the record would’ve caused more harm to Kanye West than it would have to King Push.

Prince concurred.

“I would have to agree with that. And I’m glad that it didn’t go down that way, because I didn’t wanna see nobody’s livelihood get totally destroyed,” he explained. “It wouldn’t have been good for either, but definitely [not for Kanye].

“[…] He used to cut for Kanye. He never wanted to, like, end that man... That’s a song that could’ve went there. I’m glad it didn’t. I spoke on it to prevent it from happening. It’s a win for everybody at this point.”

You can check out Prince’s full interview above.

He also speaks on his ongoing drama with Cash Money founder Birdman, who he claims owes money to his son Jas Prince for discovering Drake.

“I haven’t spoke [Baby] or his brother in a long time, because this is something that has to be fixed. No matter what the excuse may be, my boy gotta be paid,” Prince said, before suggesting Birdman and Cash Money don’t currently have the funds to compensate Jas. “[…] We gonna get paid. It’s a matter of time. But I know you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip.”