J. Prince was on L.A. Leakers to promote his new memoir The Art & Science of Respect and the talk turned to Drake and Pusha T, as it always does with Prince these days. The Rap-A-Lot founder and industry veteran said he stepped in to advise Drake to call the beef off, as he had seen how quickly the back-and-forth can get out of hand.  

"This is something I saw before. And when I witnessed it before, the situation can go from 0-100 real quick," he said. "Knowing the possibilities of it going there, I'm a guy with some sense...I'm like 'OK, let me unplug the situation because ain't nothing good going to come of this.'"

Prince's words echo the sentiments he shared in an interview with Complex earlier this year. He said that he saw that the beef was heading toward a dangerous place and he told Drake to move on. "I consider myself a man of peace and if I see someone that means something to me running towards a cliff, I'm going to say something," he told us. 

L.A. Leakers also asked Prince about Drake's assertion that their should be rules about what can and can't be said in a rap battle. Prince agrees with Drake, but added that those rules aren't written anywhere and have a way of being self-enforcing. 

"I think that you can cross the lines of music. I believe life and death is in the tongue," he said. "You can speak some things and live and speak some things and do the opposite of living. With that being said and with that being true, you would want it to be some rules."  

In spite of all the bad blood between Pusha T and Drake, Prince does feel like the situation can be fixed. "Every wound, it takes time," he said. "A lot people wouldn't have thought he and Meek Mill would be on the stage together but time heals wounds."

Outside of Drake, Prince doubled down on his recent claims that he also would have taken a meeting with Donald Trump if given the same opportunity as Kanye West. Prince said he couldn't pass up the opportunity to have the ear of the executive, given the opportunity to advocate for causes important to him.

"I would love to have that conversation with Trump to express to him how I feel drug charges are overwhelming," he said. "The amount of time and the livelihood that they are taking from these individuals for these crimes that are non-violent crimes. I think the heart of it is racism...That's the conversation I would like to have."