Desiigner hasn't been having too much luck on his European tour as of late.

On Tuesday (Oct. 2), Desiigner went on a long and heated rant on his Instagram after he was reportedly removed from a Scandinavian Airlines flight, claiming that a flight attendant got a bit too handsy with him. "They kicked me off my flight just because this bitch put her hands on me," he explained. During a recent show in Denmark (Oct. 1), he got himself into another altercation of sorts.

TMZ reports that Desiigner found himself in a heated exchanged with a fan at his show in Denmark, after said fan allegedly called Desiigner a Future rip-off. While it's not clear what's said in the video, it's clear that Desiigner isn't happy with the concert-goer. He throws a quick jab at the unseen heckler, before returning to the stage proper.

When Desiigner first rose to fame with his hit single "Panda," a lot of comparisons were made between him and Future. However, throughout the years the conversation regarding the comparisons has died down somewhat, although it's now clear there's still listeners who aren't willing to let it go.

Desiigner told his fans that he earned a year-long ban from Scandinavian Airlines following his incident earlier this week, explaining, "They banned me for a whole year and for no reason. Just because she put her hands on me, I got up. I spazzed on her ass."